Elämän Leipä Jokaiselle

Freely translated to: Bread of Life for Everyone

The charity Elämän Leipä Jokaiselle (freely translated to: Bread of Life for Everyone) came to be in 2011 through a powerful spiritual experience. The founder of the charity, Jouni Törmänen, was travelling in Israel and while visiting in the cave of Elijah, God laid the vision of the charity in his heart in prayer.

Since then, our operations have expanded every year and have grown due to increased number of people in need for help. Hence, the pressure for us to expand even more has also grown exponentially.

Elämän Leipä is meant for everyone. No faith or street-credible poverty is required. Everyone is warmheartedly welcome!

Jouni Törmänen
Our aim is to help in every way possible!
Our charity reaches approximately 6500 households per week.
We receive up to 11 200 000 kg of food yearly to distribute to those in need.
Our help reaches several countries.
Approximately 100 different churches, congregations and communities pick up food supplies from our warehouse to distribute onward.
We want to activate and employ unemployed and to offer social activities through voluntary work.
Our charity reduces the amount of supplies and food going to waste.
Our charity is funded by donations - We need Your help! Our monthly costs are approximately 22 000 euros at the moment. The costs consist of the rent of our warehouse (600 m2 in space), fuel, vehicle repair and service, water, electricity and insurances.
Our operations have expanded every year.

Our aim is to help in every way possible

The purpose of our charity is to collect excess production, e.g. from food industry, wholesales, importers, bakeries, dealers and to distribute the products to families with children, pensioners, unemployed, students, socially excluded people, variety of people dealing with some kind of crisis in their lives, basically anyone in need for help regardless. Our goal is that the help reaches those in need.

We have grown out of our warehouse and are currently searching for bigger space. Especially in this matter, your help is greatly needed and appreciated!

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